We’re wrapping up the story of Esther this coming Sunday. It’s been so encouraging, even for me, to be reminded of the sovereignty of God. He is big. He is powerful. He is in control. His Will will always be done. He is my Father and I am his precious child.

It’s so good for us to spend time actively remembering the faithfulness of God.

Why do we celebrate Christmas? To remember that Jesus was born for us.

Why do we celebrate birthdays? As a reminder of God’s faithfulness in our children’s lives?

Why do we celebrate Easter? To remember that Jesus rose from the dead.

Why do we come to church each week? To remember that we are loved, children of God.


In Esther 9-10, we learn about why the Jewish people celebrated the Feast called “Purim.” Many Jewish people throughout time would have participated in this Feast and potentially not known why except for the Book of Esther.

So, primarily, the reason that Esther is a book in the Bible is a reminder to the Jewish people of why they celebrate “Purim” and therefore a greater reminder to them (and us!) about the Sovereignty of God.