The time has finally come. Esther’s moment is now. Her 2nd feast has been prepared. The King and Haman are both there. And she boldly speaks up for her people who’s lives have been sentenced to death.

The King responds, “Who is the man who made this happen?” And Esther points at the other guest, “Him. Haman did it.”

On Sunday, February 9th, we’re covering a good section of Esther (chapters 6-8) where the tables are turned.

Haman, who had been powerful, is humiliated and executed on his own gallows he built for Mordecai.

Mordecai is elevated in importance. He’s even given the house of Haman to move into. And, the King gives him the signet ring for all important decisions.

And all of this starts because one night, in a foreign land, far away from the central operations of the Jews in Jerusalem, God was working in the mind of a pagan king who couldn’t sleep. That’s how chapter 6 starts. The king couldn’t sleep. So, he had the records of his kingdom read and he heard about how Mordecai had let him know about an assassination plot.

So often we think, “Where is God in my life? Is he active? Is he here?”

I tell you, “Yes he is!”

The Jews who were sentenced for certain death had no idea how God was working. Some of them had already gotten word about the day that was coming. Maybe they were fearful and panicked. Maybe they were praying, “God help us” wondering if he ever would.

And, here, the way he works is through a sleepless pagan King.

God is active in your life. He is.

He is actively, day by day, showering you with his mercies, with his grace, and with the abundant and overflowing love of Jesus Christ, His son, our Lord.

May His grace be sufficient for you today.


Alive in Christ!

Pastor Aaron