Down and out.





These are words that describe many people. Most people walk around with a smile on their face, and a “I’m good” attitude. But, when you scratch just below the surface, many people are fragile, broken, and hopeless.

On Sunday, we begin a new church year as we enter the season of Advent. Advent means, “coming,” and so we prepare not just for the birth of Jesus at Christmas, but for the return of Christ on the Last Day.

Our theme for this first Sunday in Advent is “Hope for the Hopeless.”

Copy of Cool Christmas PresentationHope is more than just wishful thinking. Biblical hope is actually based in God’s activity in the past.

We know that our hope is not in vain because God has never let his people down.

Just as he promised that he would come and be born of a virgin, he was. Therefore, we know and believe that just as he said he will come again, he will.

When all else is failing. When other options are gone. You can trust in Jesus.

There is hope for the hopeless.