It was 8 weeks ago that I handed out pieces of paper and said to you, “Please write down your hard questions for Jesus.” I received about 150 questions from people and tried to boil them down into 8 different sermons.

For the most part I think I answered the majority of the questions in one or more weeks.

But, naturally, there were some that just didn’t get answered. Such as:

  • How did God help the Israelites farm?
  • What did God create first, the chicken or the egg?
  • What was Jesus’ last name?

Those are ones that we’ll just have to wait and ask him face to face!

In all seriousness, I pray that this series was a true blessing for you and your loved ones.

If you’d like to access any of the sermons, you can:

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If you find them beneficial and want to send or share any of this with loved ones or friends, you do not need to ask permission. Please, give any of this to anyone who could benefit from it.

May God shower you with his blessings this Thanksgiving!

Alive in Christ!

Pastor Aaron