When thinking about this commandment, keep this thought in mind: God wants what’s best for me. This commandment is about protecting individuals and marriages from the incredibly powerful force of sex and desire, both physically and emotionally too.

Is it strange to think about God and faith and the topic of sex and marriage at the same time? Why?

This commandment is a great example of freedom within boundaries. Within the safe, loving, committed boundary of marriage, sex is a beautiful expression of love and intimacy, it draws a couple closer together and allows a couple to create new life. This is what God knows is best for us.

He also knows that outside of the boundary of marriage sex can cause trouble. Think of the destructive power an affair has on a marriage. Think of the struggles that come from an unplanned pregnancy. Think of the emotional trauma that can occur when a couple has been sexually intimate and then goes their separate ways. Taking advantage of the freedom without submitting to the boundary is a setup for hurt and brokenness.

Like He did with the fifth commandment, Jesus expands this commandment to include looking at a person of the opposite sex lustfully. (Look up Matthew 5:27-28.) Very quickly our lust can become an idol(s) in our life and that takes us back to the very first commandment.

When it comes to the topic of sexuality and lust what struggles do you need help with? In addition to God’s help who can you ask to help and support you in these struggles?

Check out, Sexuality Mentality by Heather Reusch as a great resource in having these discussions with your families.

The above materials is taken from our current Confirmation Journal with materials written by various individuals.