Don’t kill anyone? Okay, no problem. This is one of those commandments that, on the surface, seems pretty easy. But when we read the meaning of the commandment in the catechism, we see that it’s not just about not killing our neighbor, it’s about helping them, too. God has placed us in this horizontal relationship with our neighbor in order that we might care for, help, support and build each other up.

In the New Testament, in Matthew 5, Jesus broadens the commandment even further. Look at verses 21 and 22. Jesus makes the point that hatred of or contempt for someone is just as serious as murder. And in verses 43-44 He says we have to love our enemies.

Is there someone you struggle with? Someone who makes it difficult to keep the intent of this commandment? Think about them for a minute and think about these truths…

  • Jesus loves them…as much as He loves you.
  • He knows they’re not perfect…just like you’re not perfect.
  • Jesus died for them…just like He died for you.
  • His forgiveness is available to them…just like it is to you.
  • He wants them to be in heaven with Him…just like He wants you to be there.

When you think about it that way, does it change your attitude toward that person?

The above materials is taken from our current Confirmation Journal with materials written by various individuals.