In week 2 of our “Hard Questions for Jesus” sermon series, we will ask the question “Are My Prayers Working?”

This is such a real question that we all have. As a matter of fact, it’s such a real question, that in the last couple of days variations of this question have been asked of me (not even in connection to the upcoming sermon!)

“If Jesus says, ‘ask and you shall receive,’ how come I asked for healing for my husband and instead he died?”

“Jesus showed that he had power over storms and illnesses, why doesn’t he show up when I ask him to?”

“Why did my child have to die?”

“Why do we pray for people to be healed when we know that there will be restored life in heaven?”

These are just a few of the iterations of this question that have been submitted by you all.

Wow. This is real stuff!

So, again, I simply say “thanks” for the honesty!

On Sunday we will dig into the Scriptural examples of prayer, the reason God gave us prayer, and hopefully land on a faithful response to this question, “Are My Prayers Working?”

I pray that I see you at church! Make sure to bring a friend if this is something that they’ve been struggling with!

Alive in Christ!

Pastor Aaron

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