Living people who love one another reproduce and multiply.

It’s simple. That was the command God gave to Adam and Eve in the beginning. “Be fruitful and multiply.”

He said it to Noah and his family after the flood.

Jesus even said it in the Great Commission, “Make disciples of all nations!”

We are Alive in Christ because God is FOR us and God is WITH us.

Jesus stepped into this world to be fully present with us. Because we are Alive in Christ, we give our lives FOR one another WITH one another in relational groups.

And, because we are Alive in Christ, and we love one another in Christ, we are commanded to reproduce a multiply the children of God. We do this by being Alive in Christ IN the community FOR the community WITH the community.

In our final week of our Alive in Christ sermon series, this is where it all leads. The life we have in Jesus is not just for us. Jesus has made us alive so that we can share his life with others and multiply disciples until the whole world hears!

Alive in Christ!

Pastor Aaron

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