We are Alive in Christ IN groups FOR one another WITH one another.

I believe that it’s not possible to be a fully alive Christian and be on your own. I don’t think it’s possible that you can follow Jesus without relationships with other Christians.

The Bible is pretty clear about this.

The Church is made up of multiple people. The Bible has a variety of images to get this across. The Apostle Paul likes to talk about it like a body. The Church is one body with many members.

Jesus talks about it like a vineyard. That’s what I’ll be preaching on this Sunday. John 15:1-17. 

Jesus says that he is the vine, we are the branches, and we bear fruit when we stay connected to the vine. But, we are also connected to one another. The same lifeblood of the vine, Jesus Christ, flows into each of us. We’re part of the one.

Therefore, it’s not possible for you to be a follower of Jesus without relationships with other Christians.

This is why we value Groups at Saints Peter and Paul.

Groups is a general way of talking about the ways that people are in relationship with one another. At Saints Peter and Paul, we have 1 on 1 discipleship (mentoring) groups. We have small group Bible studies. We have service groups that work on things internally and externally. We have common interest groups where people get together to share an activity they have in common.

The purpose of all of these is that no one should live this Christian life alone. It’s not possible. We are stronger individually when we are connected to the strength of one another and this church becomes all the more stronger when more of us stay connected to the vine, Jesus Christ.

Let’s do that. We need one another.

Alive in Christ!

Pastor Aaron

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