Why is it that Christian churches all throughout the world gather together on Sundays to sing, read the Bible, pray, listen to a sermon? Is it important to participate in those gatherings as a Christian?

This coming Sunday, we’ll go after these and other questions pertaining to the importance of worshiping God.

At Saints Peter and Paul, we say it like this, “We are Alive in Christ IN worship because God is FOR us and God is WITH us.”

worship word

Last Sunday I preached reminding people that Jesus came to make his home in your life. He did this so that you could be alive in him.

Because that is true, we worship him because he is FOR us and he is WITH us.

God is FOR you.

God is not against you.

He is FOR you.

He stands up FOR you.

He died FOR you.

He rose FOR you.

And he is WITH you.

We gather as his people in worship because it’s good for us in multiple ways.

  1. Because we need to receive the gifts that he promises us.
  2. Because we need to serve others and receive the service of others.
  3. Because healthy families gather together often. And we are a vibrant and growing family of God that is alive in Christ!

I’ll see you on Sunday!

Reminder: Fall Schedule starts Sunday.
8:30am – Contemporary worship
10:00am – Sunday School
11:00am – Traditional Worship


Alive in Christ!

Pastor Aaron