Here is a reminder for this coming Sunday (9/15): we begin our fall schedule. What does that mean?

8:30am – Contemporary worship

10:00am – Sunday school

11:00am – Traditional worship

What do all these things mean? Take a look below.

What’s contemporary worship? At this service, the music is led by a band which plays music that you would likely hear on modern Christian radio stations. Our version of “Contemporary Worship” might still be a little more formal than some other churches.

What’s traditional worship? At this service, the music is led by an organ and we sing hymns from the Lutheran Service Book hymnal. We also sing/chant from an ancient order of worship called the liturgy, which is a structure of worship taken all directly from the Bible.

How do we do to get to Sunday School?

  1. If you haven’t yet registered, that would be very helpful! Go to
  2. Our classes are broken down like this:
    1. 3 year old-kindergarten (classroom #103)
    2. 1st-2nd grade (classroom #104)
    3. 3rd-4th grade (classroom #105)
    4. 5th-6th grade (classroom #106)
    5. 7th-8th grade (classroom #107)
    6. 9th-12th grade (classroom #109 “Youth Room”)
    7. College student-Older adult  (Gym)
  3. Please bring your student to the classroom prior to 10am (between 9:45-10) to drop them off, meet the teacher, etc.
    1. If you have a kid that’s having a difficult time getting dropped off somewhere new and you need to stay in the room, please feel free to do that as well!!
  4. Any questions about Sunday School? Please email