We will be wrapping up our summer sermon series in the Book of Genesis this coming Sunday, September 1st.

I pray that during these last 12 weeks your eyes have been opened to the foundational truths of Scripture found in the first book of the Bible.

A lot of our time has been focused on Abram/Abraham Sarai/h as God had made a promise to them early on in Genesis 12 that they would have a son and through that son all nations of the earth would be blessed.

As seems to happen often with God’s promises, they take awhile (according to human timing) to come to fruition. Yet, God always keeps his promises.

In our final week in the book of Genesis we will be introduced to Isaac’s wife Rebekah and see how Isaac’s mother Sarah and father Abraham both die.

We’ll focus especially on the importance of clinging to the promises of God for the time that we have in life and passing on those promises to the next generation.

Those of you who are parents have a high calling and responsibility to raise your children in the promises of God. I pray you know this!

But those of you who don’t have children also bear the responsibility to raise up the next generation of Jesus followers. This is called discipleship.

So – who are you raising up? Who is your next generation?

Alive in Christ!

Pastor Aaron