This coming Sunday is Palm Sunday! Holy Week begins.

If you’ve been away from church for a little while, this is the time that you should be present.

If you’ve been waiting to invite a friend to church, this is the time to invite them.

Why do I say that? Because, this is the week in the Church Year where all the things that we claim to be significant in our Christian faith happened.

Have you ever looked in the 4 Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John) at how much time is devoted to telling the events of Holy Week? If you’ve never done this exercise before, grab a Bible and take a look.

Matthew: Palm Sunday (Triumphal Entry) is recorded in Matthew 21. There are 7 more chapters after that, detailing the events of the last week of Jesus’ life. That’s almost 29% of the book.

Mark: The events of Holy Week take up Mark 11-Mark 16. That’s over 1/3rd of his book.

Luke: Chapters 19-24. Chapter 24 includes some more detail about what Jesus did after his resurrection. That’s 25% of the book.

John: Chapters 12-20. Chapter 21 of John includes even more details about Jesus’ post-resurrection ministry. That’s about 43% of the book.


Just the fact that all the events are recorded in all of these books means that there is incredible eye witness testimony to all the events. Also, the men who wrote the Scriptures identified that these were the most significant things to record. Because, without them, our faith is nothing.


So, with all that said, this Holy Week at Saints Peter and Paul, I have put together a set of sermons that focus on an item identified with each day.

Copy of Copy of the crowd

Here is a synopsis of each day!

Palm Sunday @8:30 &11am
Having intentionally read and put into practice the words of Jesus over the season of Lent, it’s time for us to find our place amongst the crowd on the first Palm Sunday. Who was there? Why were they shouting Hosanna? Did they know who he was and what he was about to do? What about those that stood at a distance? What about you? Where is your place in The Crowd?

Maundy Thursday @7pm
The Cup plays a significant role on that night of Jesus’ betrayal. First, Jesus spends time with his closest friends celebrating the Passover. This event was remembered by the Jews with thankfulness for God’s hand of blessing in their lives. On this night, Jesus gives new meaning and significance to the Passover as he takes the bread and he takes the cup and through his word of promise gifts to us his own body and his own blood for the forgiveness of our sins. God passes over us. Yet, on that same night, Jesus asks his Father in prayer for the cup of deep sorrow and suffering to pass from him. The Cup.

Good Friday @1 &7pm
There’s no more central image associated with Christianity than the cross. And what an image it is. The most brutal death sentence the world has created. Yet, this is what we are best known for. When did the cross become the image of Christianity? What’s the difference between the crucifix and the empty cross? The cross will once again place a central role in our Good Friday worship.

Easter Sunday @8:30 &11am  w/ Easter Breakfast @9:30am
As Americans, who don’t live in a kingdom, we don’t fully understand the importance of The Crown in a Kingdom. Thanks to television, movies, and media we’ve got a little idea. On the day of Christ’s resurrection the crown of thorns was smashed to pieces and replaced with the crown of eternal life. The Crown is an image of power and authority. Christ as our victorious and living King is powerful over sin, satan, and death. To top it all off, The Crown is always passed down. Christ’s victory is our gain!


I pray we’ll see you there!

Alive in Christ!
Pastor Aaron