This week is spring break for our Michigan Tech students.  For years now, we have always offered a mission and service trip opportunity for our students to participate in as we invite them to live out their faith and serve with those around them.  But this year, just two weeks before we were set to leave for Minneapolis,  I told them that I thought we needed to take a pause and, figuratively, eat some chicken noodle soup.

See, when you start feeling sick you typically have two choices, if not more.  You can either carry on, suffering through it, risking getting worse and infecting those around you or you can take a pause, rest, eat chicken noodle soup, see a doctor and let your body heal.

When was the last time you took a pause?  Maybe it was your idea or maybe someone asked you to for your own good.

This Sunday’s sermon focused on this week’s Red Letter Challenge theme of ‘being.’  In it, Pastor Aaron shared how our doing comes out of our being.  We aren’t our healthiest unless we are spending time being with Christ.

Looking back at this semester, I can see how our lack of being with Christ has impacted CSM in unhealthy ways.  The symptoms of this have started showing up repeatedly actually.  We have struggled to work well as a team, there are divisions and conflict, we have lacked love and grace, and we aren’t ‘doing’ all too well.

So like being sick, we had two choices: push through, potentially getting worse and infect others or pause, heal and eat some chicken noodle soup.

Pausing wasn’t the easiest decision if I’m being honest, but I knew it would be the best. So in the pause of this spring break, Concordia Student Ministries is working at being with Christ so that we can start to heal and become not only healthy as a ministry but one that can get back into the ‘doings’ that Christ has called us into.

Please continue to pray for these young leaders and their ministry rolls, for the healing that Christ brings, and for the joy in serving.

And may this experience also be an encouragement for you to take a pause when things aren’t going great and to heal in Christ.  May your doing flow from your being in Christ.