Sunday, March 10th is when the Red Letter Challenge really starts going. This week (Tuesday-Saturday) is really simply an introduction. You’ve been having your chance to get the feel for what is to come. There aren’t really “challenges” per se in these first few days.

But, Sunday we will launch into the first weekly theme of “Being” and we will encounter a number of spiritual disciplines to put into practice.

In my conversations with people, I have asked what will be the most complicated principle to put into practice and they have said, “Being.”

In talking about “Being” with people and the struggles to put it into practice, people mention that it’s hard because they’re so busy.

We’re too busy to be.

Is that the way you live? Are you too busy to be? Are you…what they say…a – busybee?

It reminds me of a two part sermon series I preached back in 2016 called “The Business of Busyness.”

You can read it here:

Or watch to Part 1 or 2 on YouTube.


I’m very excited to preach on these words on Sunday. There is much to be said to us busy, frenetic and frenzied people.


And what I really want to say to you is REST!