Concordia Student Ministries (CSM) has been active and excited for this year’s Winter Carnival at Michigan Technological University (MTU)!  Winter Carnival is MTU’s biggest event, with activities celebrating the beautiful winter in the Upper Peninsula, and involving almost the entire student body in some capacity.  It’s an incredible opportunity to come together as a group, interact with other student organizations on campus, engage with the Houghton/Hancock community, and shine the light of Christ while having a lot of fun.
50924359_2284763361567689_6585327669666119680_n.jpgTeams competed for CSM in two special winter events; snow volleyball, and curling.  The snow volleyball event is a contest with the same equipment and rules as a conventional volleyball match, but played outside on the MTU softball fields in the natural snow!  Our team competed in the co-ed division, and won it’s first competition in order to advance the final match.  We weren’t able to win the final match, but had so much fun and played hard, and still took home 2nd place overall.  The curling event was held at the Copper County Curling Club in Calumet, MI.  Our team was unable to commit the time necessary to play the entire day-long tournament, but finished undefeated, and had a blast.  Three of our four team members were completely new to the sport, so really enjoyed learning and beginning to develop curling ability.
wc-logo.pngOne of the most-exciting and best-known events of Winter Carnival is the snow statue competitions.  MTU hosts both month-long (organizations have a full month the construct their statue) and all-night (organizations have 18 hours to complete their statue) competitions.  CSM will be participating in the all-night competition, building their statue this coming Wednesday night (02/06).  The theme of this year’s Winter Carnival is STEM (science technology engineering and math) so CSM will be sculpting two giant iPads, as a modern spin-off of Moses’ tablets from the Exodus account of God delivering the ten commandments to the Israelites, his chosen people.  The statue will be constructed outside the CLSC (217 Blanche Street, Houghton, MI), which is the house maintained by Sts. Peter and Paul where six students on the CSM leadership team live.  Feel free to come by during or after the construction to check out the progress, and connect with us!  We’d love to see you there!

It can’t be said enough how grateful we are as students for all the thoughts, prayers, efforts, and support that we get from everyone at Sts. Peter and Paul.  We’re very proud to be on campus at MTU on behalf of the LCMS, and we couldn’t do any of it without the generosity and hard work of so many people.  Thank you again so much!
Joel Komurka
CSM President