Lauren Scherr, a member of our church, serves as an exchange coordinator for placing foreign exchange students. She would love to talk with you if you’d be interested in opening your home for a student during the upcoming school year. Here is a list of current students seeking placement for August 2019.


Students seeking placement for August 2019
1f1ea-1f1f8🥘🐕🐈⛪🏊🏻‍♀️🎹Paula is 14 years old from Spain where she lives with her mother and stepfather. Paula is very sensible, funny, and talkative and is very good about following the rules and always does very well in school. Paula loves all types of food and likes to also cook. She loves animals especially dogs and cats. Paula is a Christian. Paula loves to spend time with her friends shopping and also does photography and swimming.  She absolutely loves music. Paula knows how to play the piano and also likes to play the ukulele. Paula is looking forward to learning about the American way of life and culture. She also is looking forward to experiencing American education system and school spirit.
🇪🇸🏀⚽🐕🎸🥗Celia is 15 years old from Spain where she lives with her mother, dog, and little brother. Celia hardly ever argues with her brother, and they love to watch different series together, play basketball, play soccer, and walk their dog. She has also volunteered to help raise funds for charity, and has helped at a local church to serve meals to the homeless. Celia attends an English Montessori school. She has been playing basketball since she was four years old, and is looking forward to playing a new sport in America like softball. She loves art, music, guitar, and theater. Celia is respectful, responsible, and dedicated. She likes eating all kinds of food, and is always trying to stay healthy. She is very excited for this experience and cannot wait to be part of her American family.
🇪🇸 🏒⛪️⛷⚽️ Adriano is 15 years old from Spain where he lives with his father, mother, older sister, and two little sisters. Adriano has worked as a babysitter to get extra money, and is also has helped coach hockey to younger kids in his town. His favorite sport is field hockey and he likes to ski in the winter. Adriano plays soccer as well, and goes running with his mother. Adriano‘s parents love his great sense of humor. Adriano likes to spend time with his friends going for walks, going out for ice cream, or going out to eat. Adriano‘s family goes to mass every week on Sundays. Adriano‘s favorite subject is math and he would like to be an engineer in the future. He is looking forward to meeting as Host Family and learning more about American culture.
🇰🇷 ⛪ 🎸 🐄🏀 Jenso is from South Korea where he lives with his father, mother, and older sister. He is 17 years old. His father is a pastor and his mother is a counselor. His family is Christian and they go to church every Sunday. At school he specializes in art. He is very active, calm, and patient young man. His hobbies are playing basketball and anything that has to do with involvement of art. He also loves to play music instruments and can play the guitar and drum. Jenso likes to share his Christian values with others and likes to help them understand the Bible. He has volunteered at Local farms to help the community, and has worked very hard to help others who are disadvantaged. He is excited to start talking to his host family, and can not wait to make lots of fun memories together.
 🧗🏻‍♂️🏇🏻⛪⚽📷 Jacint is 15 years old from Spain where he lives with his father, mother, and little brother. Jacint is a very clean, responsible, respectful, and studious boy. When he was younger he used to sing in a chorus at church. He likes to practice drama, ride horses, plays soccer, and also likes climbing rock walls. His other hobbies are reading books, photography, traveling, and any kind of art. He volunteers as often as he can, and also participate in different projects for environmental pollution. He really likes to defend the rights of people, and stand up to bullies. He loves animals but currently does not have any, because his family lives in an apartment. He really likes to spend time with his family during holidays like Christmas and Easter. He cannot wait to meet his host family and share different experiences with them.
   🇪🇸⛷🏒⚽⛪️🥘Ignacio (Nacho) is 15 years old from Spain. He lives with his father, mother, and two little sisters. He  loves animals! Nacho  can speak German, English, French, and of course Spanish. Ignacio plays field hockey, soccer, running, tennis, basketball, and skiing in the winter time. He is looking forward to possibly playing some different sports while United States like baseball, lacrosse or American football. He helps coach field hockey for younger kids. Ignacio really likes little kids, and they like him as well. Nacho is a Christian and believes in Christian values. He always helps his mom and dad with chores like setting the table, making his bed, cooking for his sisters, and washing his clothes. He is really excited to come to the United States, because he loves American food, movies, and American sports. He’s really excited about the exchange program and he will do his best to make it awesome for his host family.
🏡 All students come with their own allowance, insurance, excellent English, and support from a local coordinator in your community. Hosting will be an experience you will never forget! 🌍 🕊
🌎 🇺🇸Exchange students are here to experience American culture and be a part of an American family. One of the biggest requirements of hosting is to include the student in your everyday life.
💌 To learn more about the requirements of becoming a host family, please send a private message, comment, email, or call. Also, please feel free to share this post! Thank you in advance for your help and consideration. ❤
Lauren Scherr || Exchange Coordinator
Phone: 586.531.1516