We are excited to share that starting in 2019, Marcus Huff, our Director of Youth and Campus Ministry, will be serving Saints Peter & Paul Lutheran Church year-round and full-time.

Previously, Marcus was contracted to serve as the Director of Keweenaw Base Camp during the months of May, June, July, and August.  But as both ministries (Saints Peter and Paul and Keweenaw Base Camp) have grown, it was mutually decided that it was time to dissolve the existing contract and expand both positions to year-round and full-time.

We are excited to have Marcus for these addition four months and for all the ministry opportunities that will be able to take place during these summer months.  Marcus is really excited for the ability to focus on his areas of ministry here at SSPP by extending Junior and Senior High School Youth Ministries into the summer months, grow additional family life opportunities, work on our student house at MTU, and have the additional time and opportunity to respond to new faith relationship and ministry opportunities.

Praise God for His blessings of remarkable staff here at Saints Peter and Paul!!