4th Sunday after the Epiphany: Sunday, Feb. 3

Songs/Hymns for the Day

4th Sunday after the Epiphany

  8:30am Contemporary Service


“Jesus Loves me”

“Who You Say I Am”

“One Thing Remains”

11:00am Traditional Service

Matins, page 219

#558 “Not unto Us”

#560 “Drawn to the Cross, Which Thou Hast Blessed”

#571 “God Loved the World So That He Gave”

Collect of the Day

Almighty God, You know we live in the midst of so many dangers that in our frailty we cannot stand upright. Grant strength and protection to support us in all dangers and carry us through all temptations; through Jesus Christ, Your Son, our Lord, who lives and reigns with You and the Holy Spirit, one God, now and forever.

Old Testament Reading                                                                                                   Job 31:24-40

P      The Old Testament Reading is from Job, the thirty-first chapter.

24“If I have made gold my trust
or called fine gold my confidence,
25if I have rejoiced because my wealth was abundant
or because my hand had found much,
26if I have looked at the sun when it shone,
or the moon moving in splendor,
27and my heart has been secretly enticed,
and my mouth has kissed my hand,
28this also would be an iniquity to be punished by the judges,
for I would have been false to God above.
29“If I have rejoiced at the ruin of him who hated me,
or exulted when evil overtook him
30(I have not let my mouth sin
by asking for his life with a curse),
31if the men of my tent have not said,
‘Who is there that has not been filled with his meat?’
32(the sojourner has not lodged in the street;
I have opened my doors to the traveler),
33if I have concealed my transgressions as others do
by hiding my iniquity in my bosom,
34because I stood in great fear of the multitude,
and the contempt of families terrified me,
so that I kept silence, and did not go out of doors—
35Oh, that I had one to hear me!
(Here is my signature! Let the Almighty answer me!)
Oh, that I had the indictment written by my adversary!
36Surely I would carry it on my shoulder;
I would bind it on me as a crown;
37I would give him an account of all my steps;
like a prince I would approach him.
38“If my land has cried out against me
and its furrows have wept together,
39if I have eaten its yield without payment
and made its owners breathe their last,

40let thorns grow instead of wheat,
and foul weeds instead of barley.”

The words of Job are ended.

P This is the Word of the Lord.

C Thanks be to God.

Epistle                                                                                                               Romans 3:21-26

P The Epistle is from Romans, the third chapter.

21But now the righteousness of God has been manifested apart from the law, although the Law and the Prophets bear witness to it— 22the righteousness of God through faith in Jesus Christ for all who believe. For there is no distinction: 23for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God, 24and are justified by his grace as a gift, through the redemption that is in Christ Jesus, 25whom God put forward as a propitiation by his blood, to be received by faith. This was to show God’s righteousness, because in his divine forbearance he had passed over former sins. 26It was to show his righteousness at the present time, so that he might be just and the justifier of the one who has faith in Jesus.

P   This is the Word of the Lord.

C   Thanks be to God.

Holy Gospel                                                                                                         John 12:44-50

P   The Holy Gospel according to John, the twelfth chapter.

C   Glory to You, O Lord.

44And Jesus cried out and said, “Whoever believes in me, believes not in me but in him who sent me. 45And whoever sees me sees him who sent me. 46I have come into the world as light, so that whoever believes in me may not remain in darkness. 47If anyone hears my words and does not keep them, I do not judge him; for I did not come to judge the world but to save the world. 48The one who rejects me and does not receive my words has a judge; the word that I have spoken will judge him on the last day. 49For I have not spoken on my own authority, but the Father who sent me has himself given me a commandment—what to say and what to speak. 50And I know that his commandment is eternal life. What I say, therefore, I say as the Father has told me.”

P   This is the Gospel of the Lord.

C   Praise to You, O Christ.


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TO ALL VISITORS ATTENDING WORSHIP THIS MORNING:  We are thankful that you are worshiping our Lord and Savior Jesus with us.  Part of worshiping our Lord is bringing our financial gifts in the form of offerings to support the ministry of Christ’s church.  As our guest today, please do not feel obligated to give an offering.  We are just thankful that you are here and hope you will continue to worship with us. Want to give your offerings online? Go to www.copperluth.org/give.

 HOLY COMMUNION: In preparation to receive the Lord’s Supper, please ask yourself these questions: Have I confessed and repented of my sins? Do I believe that in this Sacrament I am receiving the actual body and blood of Christ, under the bread and wine, into my mouth, for the forgiveness of my sins? Do I share the confession and wish to participate in the unity of this congregation? Will I, with the Lord’s help, amend my sinful life? If you answer, “yes” to all of these questions, please join us for this blessed gift from God for our forgiveness. If you need a gluten free wafer, please ask the pastor when you are kneeling at the rail.

 SERVING: Ushers:   Mark VanWagner, Craig Sporalski,

John Litzner, Christian Fitzgerald (Early)

Peter Pietila, Jim Lahti,

Marilynn Dewald, Ken Clark (Late)

Elders:      Jim Hewett, Dennis Hagenbuch (Early)

Jon Leinonen (Late)

Acolytes: Wyatt Jenkins, Jordan Chrestensen (Early)

Erik Wanhala (Late)

Lay Reader: Jason Sommerville

Greeters: Beveraly Auel, Wayne Volk, Pauline Kokkonen (Early)

Lori Nordmark, Lynn Lanala (Late)

Notes and News


Sunday           8:30 AM  Contemporary Svc., w/comm.

10:00 AM Education Classes

11:00 AM Traditional Svc.

6:00 PM Youth Group – Super Bowl Party

7:00 PM CSM – Bible Study

Monday         7:30 AM  Early Learning Center

5:00 PM  Ministry Council

Tuesday         7:30 AM  Early Learning Center

7:30 AM            Men’s Bible Study

Wednesday    7:30 AM  Early Learning Center

9:00 AM            Parents Day Out

4:00 PM Confirmation

5:00 PM Praise Team Rehearsal

6:30 PM Adult Choir

Thursday        7:30 AM  Early Learning Center

5:30 PM Home Bible Study

Friday             7:30 AM Early Learning Center

Next Sunday  8:30 AM   Contemporary Svc.

10:00 AM Education Classes

11:00 AM Traditional Svc., w/comm.

7:00 PM CSM – Bible Study

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Cancer: Julia Munson, Nancy Pintar, Elaine Monette, Sue Etapa,

Lori Pemberton, Mary Ann Tervo, Julie Sutinen, Jim, Karen Donovan,

Dave Stimac, Rick Williams

Other Prayers: Jen DePuydt, Pastor Paul, Nancy Smith

Missionary of the Month: Rev. James & Angela Sharp, Uruguay

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 Read Ahead For Next Week: Job 32-37. 

Next week we will meet another character named Elihu. He has the same understanding as Job and the friends: God runs the world according to Justice. But his conclusion is different: suffering may be a warning to avoid future sin because it builds character. Don’t accuse God of being unjust because he allows suffering.

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