Indictments. Arrests. Powerful people getting in trouble. We love to watch this kind of stuff.

It’s the thing of news headlines and soundbites.

Why do we get sucked in when powerful people get in trouble? There’s something in us that naturally enjoys watching this sort of thing. As though they deserve it or something.

Job has fallen hard. But he maintains it’s not his fault. He’s innocent!

Oh yea… how many times have we heard that one? I’ve seen it on the news in the last week. More powerful people arrested and maintaining innocence.

When Job pleads his innocence in chapters 29-31, part of me says, “Oh yea, yea, Job. Right… you’re totally blameless in all of this…”

But he is so bold to maintain innocence, to sign his name to his testimony, and to demand God to show up and judge him.

We don’t find out in these chapters what God will say about Job, so for now, here’s what we have.


Job – a powerfully rich man who has fallen hard.

Job’s 3 friends are convinced he is guilty.

Job is maintaining his innocence.

He has officially signed his testimony.

He has demanded that God show up and judge him.