We are starting a new 6 week sermon series this Sunday, January 20th, on The Book of Job. The title, “A Life of Suffering in the Light of Christ.”

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Have you ever read the book of Job? I’ll be honest – it’s not an easy read. There’s a lot of dense poetry. There are images and ideas that are hard to comprehend. But – we’re going to tackle it together!

For the next 6 weeks, we’re going to read the Book of Job. I’d encourage you to start now. We’re not going to read every word on Sunday mornings, but I hope you read it all at home. I’ll do my best to help you get through it and make sense of the meaning of Job as it relates to our own lives.

I’ll tell you this, the book of Job is not necessarily about Job. It’s about God. It’s about how God is always just.

Job has friends who think that God rewards people with worldly goods because they have done good. And they think God takes things away because people have been bad.

But what we learn in this book is that’s not how God works.

We have limited knowledge about God. We only have our small perspective. God is almighty, and vast, and knowledgeable of all things. What we even define as justice is a limited understanding of how God operates.

Job trusts in God. Always. For everything. And because of this, no matter what comes in life – good or bad – will affect the relationship he has with his God.

Want to get your feet wet in understanding Job? Watch this video, or this one as well.


I’m looking forward to reading through this book with all of you. I pray that in this series we will come to grips with being okay not always knowing why suffering happens in this world, yet still finding complete contentment and trust in our almighty God.