I know you’re planning to be in worship on Christmas Eve, but don’t let that stop you from being present in God’s house on Sunday morning as well! 

Ask anyone on the street who Jesus is and what his greatest impact on the world is, and you will get a host of answers. You’ll hear people say he’s a great moral teacher, he’s a revolutionary, he’s a philosopher, and he’s the savior. 

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It’s a bit confusing in our culture, which demands the freedom to create your own views and values on things, to get a perfectly clear answer of who the real Jesus is. If you just listen to the culture, and never open up the Scriptures, you’ll have a particularly difficult time. 

However, right at the beginning of Jesus’ life — right at his conception! — The Bible is clear who he is and what he is coming to do. And it comes to his two names. 

“Jesus” = he will save his people from their sins

“Immanuel” – God with us 

That’s it. Jesus is God with us. And God came to be with us in Jesus to save us from our sins. That’s why.