H15529_818004124959146_7167545977505801846_nello, my name is Chris Teahan.  I grew up in Grand Ledge, MI, which is slightly west of Lansing. I am currently a fourth-year student studying civil engineering focusing in Building Infrastructure or Transportation.

I grew up in the Lutheran church and attended a Lutheran middle school. I have been an active member of Concordia Student Ministries since the beginning of my college career. I have been living in the student house for two years now. I have also served on the CSM board as secretary and current Treasurer. I also have been a member of the college praise team for almost three years now playing the keyboard.  Outside of  school, some of my hobbies include playing board games with a strategy focus, learning about history and buildings, traveling, and to go hiking and camping.

Make sure to say hi and introduce yourself to Chris when he gets back from Christmas break!