This past Sunday our High School youth group set two records for the year.  First, we had 12 youth join us for Bible Class!  But to me, bigger than the numbers was the engagement they had in our discussion! We are currently in a series on Gratitude, that we started just before Thanksgiving and will continue through till Christmas. In this season of Christmas lists and ‘want,’ we are focusing on being grateful, thankful and generous in what God provides for us.

The second record was that we maxed out our last youth event with all 15 slots being filled for tactical laser tag! Not only are we having a blast with the monthly youth events but conversations are growing in our Bible studies, interest is increasing, youth are inviting friends, and we are growing and being challenged in our faith!

Thank you for all your support for our youth program and don’t forget to check out and support our silent auction, which wraps up this Sunday!