I really hope you will join us for our Wednesdays in Advent. Worship is at 7. Dinner at 6. But what is Advent, you might ask? Check out this video:


For our Wednesdays in Advent this year, we will be singing Holden Evening prayer during worship. If you haven’t participated in this yet, you will not be disappointed. It is contemplative and led by vocalists, piano, flute, and violin.

Each night we will reflect on an Old Testament prophecy about the coming Christ. And then we will also read a portion of Luke chapter 1, covering all of Luke 1 during the 4 weeks. There will not be a sermon preached at these services, but we will instead have opportunity to silently meditate on each Scripture.

If you want to read ahead, this week we will read:

Jeremiah 33:14-18 and Luke 1:1-25.


Don’t forget that there is a meal provided each week at 6pm. The menu each week consists of soup, chili, salad/veggies, bread, and desserts. The type of soup and chili will vary each week.