The first Sunday in Advent begins the new Church year. Advent means, “Coming.” During Advent, we wait for the coming of the Christ. Not just at Christmas, but for his 2nd coming. He has promised He will return – and therefore He will. 

Do you like waiting? With each new technological advancement, I get less and less patient. I sit down in a waiting room before and appointment, and I grab my phone. Why? I don’t know – for something to do, I guess. I don’t think I’m as good at being bored as I was when I was a kid. 

What about your kids? I’ve read some literature that says “kids these days” aren’t good at being bored. That, being bored is a necessary part of human development. That, being bored is good for you. That, being bored teaches you how to wait and be patient.  

Advent is a time of waiting. And while waiting, we’re able to focus. Or – we should focus. We should focus on Jesus. We should focus on what He’s already done for us. We should focus on what He has planned for us. Stay awake! Pay attention! He’s coming soon! 

During Sundays in Advent, we will be following the genealogy of Jesus in Matthew chapter 1, and we will see that:

Jesus is the Son of David (12/2)

Jesus is the Son of Abraham (12/9)

Jesus is the Son of Solomon (12/16)

Jesus is the Son of Mary (12/23)

Jesus is the Son of Sinners (Christmas Eve)