JennaHi all, I’m Jenna Hoyer. I am from Coopersville, MI and for those of you who don’t know where that is, Coopersville is a small town 30 minutes east of Grand Rapids. I am majoring in Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Spanish, although I hope to study abroad and get an International Spanish minor.

My dad is an LCMS pastor so I have grown up in the church and have gone to church my whole life. My parents taught me the importance of knowing Jesus and I have never had to doubt that he loves me.

I have been a part of CSM since my first year at college and I chose to join CSM so I could meet other students with the same beliefs as me and meet more people at college. This is my first year living in the student house. I am also part of the student praise band and I play the flute.

Other than school and church I really enjoy playing volleyball and am on the women’s club volleyball team at Michigan Tech. I also like to go hiking and exploring, basically anything that will get me outside and active.

Make sure to say hi and introduce yourself to Jenna this Sunday!