Hello Everyone,

I am so thrilled to share the results of our Community Connection Day! God blessed us with the perfect day to be outside serving our neighbors before the weather turned. Leading up to our service day, we canvased the neighborhood talking to our neighbors and inquiring about their needs. Many of our neighbors were thrilled that at what we were doing and even though they didn’t have the need for help, they were warm, welcoming and supportive of our mission.

On Sunday we had about a dozen individuals and families ready to head out and serve the three neighbors that requested our help. We raked and blew leaves, picked up yards and had some contact with our neighbors, one even came out and participated in the activity while getting to know the crew a little more. We even found out about another two houses in need, which we took care of and organized additional times to help. Overall, I would say for our first time connecting with our neighbors it was a success! Thank you to all that helped make this possible through prayers or service! We hope that we will be able to continue to get to know our neighbors and bless them in more ways.

Many Blessings,
Kerri Mayra
Director of Community Outreach