JoelMeet Joel Komurka, our Concordia Student Ministries (CSM) President.  He grew up in West Bend, WI and transferred to MTU last year as he pursues a Material Science and Engineering degree.

Joel was born and raised in the Lutheran church, attended Lutheran parochial school through 12th grade, and has been involved with Christian camp ministries throughout.  Currently  he’s continuing to discover and struggle through what it means and looks like to be a Christian young adult as he takes ownership of  his faith and makes it a dynamic focus of life.

In addition to this, Joel loves music and has recently started DJing weddings.  You may have seen him using this bass guitar skills during our 8:30 service too.  He’s also a lover of all sports, tinkering with cars and motorcycles and traveling.  Make sure to say hi and introduce yourself to him this Sunday!