You know what I like? The easy way out. Efficiency. A straight path. And definitely not back-tracking.


We live in a world dominated by finding the most efficient way to do things. Many of you reading this are trained engineers, and that’s what you do best. You make things easier. Thank you!

But, for you to make things easier for the rest of us, you often have to work incredibly hard.

The easy road is not one that is easy to find or to create.

Life’s most rewarding things often come through the hardest route.

The same is true for sharing our faith.

It’s not necessarily “easy” or “efficient.” As a matter of fact, it’s costly. It costs us our time. Our resources. Our energy.

Why in the world would we want to do this?

We all appreciate the work of the engineers to make our lives better. Do you think that the unbelievers in this world would be appreciative of you if you made their eternal lives better by sharing the good news of Jesus with them?

I think you should.


Alive in Christ!

Pastor Aaron