They’re the namesake for our church. Peter and Paul. They are two of the major movers and shakers in the early Christian Church and in the Book of Acts.

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As we enter into chapters 10-14 this coming Sunday and next week, we see them both at work. Peter’s role is to stay pretty close to home in Jerusalem and the surrounding region. Paul goes all over the place.

When I read the stories of these guys, I often find myself thinking, “Wow. Their boldness of faith is so remarkable. I wonder if they ever had fleeting moments of doubt. Did they ever stop for a second before entering a difficult situation and say, ‘God – what am I supposed to do here?'”

The reason I want to know is because that’s how I often feel.

Ordinary. Ill-equipped. Fearful.

And then God sends His Spirit into my life again to say, “Aaron. I’m with you. You are mine. Go. Speak in my name.”

The stories of Peter and Paul are remarkable. They are stories of life transformation. They are stories of change and conversion. Not just for the people they are reaching, but, even for themselves.

To be an agent of change for others, you also must be changed by the Gospel of Jesus.