As we learned in the 4 week series “Joining Jesus,” we have an active God. We heard through this series how God has called us to be his very own and invited us to join him in his work to seek and save the lost.

In order to better learn how this was done from the very beginning of Christianity, we will now go and read the Book of Acts (it’s official name is the Acts of the Apostles) as a congregation. This is a book that details the lives of the Apostles after the ascension of Jesus into heaven.

It was not always pretty.

In fact, it hardly was at all.

We see from the beginning how broken God’s people are and how broken this world is.

Broken people for a broken world.

You for your neighbors.


As we study this book together, I’d highly encourage you to participate in the daily reading plan that we have put together. It will start Next Monday, October 8th.

If you want to look ahead, you can see the entire list at

Better yet, download our church app which will have this Bible Reading plan in the app’s built in Bible. There is also an audio version of the Bible in our app if you want to listen on your drive to work or school!