Wow! What a great Rally Day we had last Sunday! Check out a few of the pictures from the outdoor worship service.

A big thanks to so many helping hands that I cannot even name all the names. But, to those of you who volunteered in some sort of capacity, “Thank you!!”

We started our fall kick-off series, “Joining Jesus” and asked the question “Who is Jesus?”

Now that we’ve answered like Peter, “You are the Christ, the Son of the Living God” we will move into the next logical place. The Scriptures are clear that if we believe Jesus is the Christ, we are considered his Disciples.

I think that, we often claim that we are Disciples, but what does that mean? What does that look like in our daily lives? Does that affect the way that we “do church?” Meaning – what environments do we create where people can learn about Jesus and be equipped and empowered to live their Christian lives?

We will look more at this on Sunday when we open up the Scriptures to John 8:31-38.


For those of you that are studying this material in small groups, I pray that your time is enjoyable and enlightening. Frankly, I pray it’s even challenging for you (in a good way). If you’re not in an “official” group, you can still follow along with the studies on your own or a group of friends by going to or grabbing the resources off our church app.

Alive in Christ,

Pastor Aaron