Seven of our confirmation students joined us on our three day/two night retreat to form some relationships with each other and Pastor Aaron and me too. And we had an amazing time!
Last Tuesday, we loaded up the church van, with a trailer, and started our short road trip.  On the way, we made a stop at Trinity Lutheran church in Covington, MI where we welcomed 2 more students who would join us for the retreat too! From there we quickly made our way to Camp Luther in Three Lakes, WI who were our awesome hosts.
Throughout those three days, I am proud to say that a lot of community was created!  This happened as we traveled, canoed, had a spaghetti war, played tennis, learned about the life of Jesus, had small group time, enjoyed canteen time, sang praises and a lot more.
As one of the students said to me on the way home, “This is going to be an awesome Confirmation Class!!”
Confirmation Group will kick-off with a student and parents night on Wednesday, September 12 @4:00pm.  Stay tuned, as more info will be mailed out to all the families.