Here’s an overview of the changes happening in the Education Wing, where the Early Learning Center (ELC) will be located, and Sunday School classes are held. Let me know if you have concerns or suggestions. It’s a shared space and I want everyone who uses the rooms to feel comfortable in them. We will have to be aware of each other’s needs, clean up after ourselves, and communicate of course; so there may be a learning curve, but I know we will all work through it with grace.

The question I have been hearing most? Where did everything go? It’s temporary, I assure you! The floors are being cleaned this week, then painting is happening next week. All of the supplies have been moved upstairs for now. Toys, crafts, etc. will be brought back down and added to new storage options/shelves after the rooms are cleaned. The rooms will remain open for use every Sunday!

Overall changes:
  • We will add a “dirty toys” bin to the rooms so that Sunday volunteers can leave toys that need to be washed (because they went into mouths, were sneezed on, etc.). There will also be washing instructions in case volunteers have time to take care of it themselves.
  • The doors in the bathroom will be changed out for the doors between the rooms so that there are windows into the bathroom, and so that children cannot lock themselves in the bathroom.
  • As mentioned, we are re-painting (same color or close to it), as they are due for a touch-up. We may add a mural at some point.
  • We will be cleaning the rugs and adding vinyl planks to the Pre-K floor (maybe not the whole thing, but a good section) to allow for crafts and other messy activities. The painting and flooring will not affect Sundays as the work will take place during the week.
  • I will add plants (chosen to improve air quality and reduce allergies – nothing with a noticeable scent) and possibly a class pet (i.e. fish) to the space, but they will be out of the reach of children and taken care of by me.
  • I will be adding artwork, bible verses, the ELC mission, and photos of the children to the walls.
  • There will be a fenced-in outdoor space for children including a sandbox, some logs and driftwood, and picnic tables located between the church and the prayer trail.
  • For the safety of the children, the nursery is only for children ages 3 and under on Sundays. This is not so much a change, as it is a clear communication of our church design. All older children are encouraged to remain in the service if possible.
  • We will be stacking the current “shelves” to create one unit for supplies which need to be stored away on Sundays (or in general). The other tall wooden shelf will be moved into the pre-K room to be made into a coat-hanging area/ cubbies.
  • We will add a circle rug, a book display, new shelving for organization, new toys, manipulatives and dramatic play elements.
  • The children will be welcome to use all the toys that are out, but workers and parents are encouraged to clean up after them.
  • Volunteers are encouraged to participate in our CPR and First Aid trainings later this fall but are not required to do so.
  • We will remove one of the tables, though it can be nearby to bring in on Sundays if another teacher needs it.
  • We will move one white-board down to student level so that we can use it as a magnet board for their sign-in.
  • There will be an added sand table (with cover) and painting easels. Hopefully these will not be too big of a Sunday distraction.
  • There will be new shelving for organization, including a designated area for Sunday School.
  • We will be adding a set of locking doors near the sanctuary. They will be open on Sundays.
  • A security door with buzz-through system will be installed at the parking lot entrance, but it will not affect Sundays as it will remain unlocked during worship. A window will be added to the entrance between the two sets of doors so that I can see out from my office.
  • Locks will be installed on the ELC-side of the multipurpose room and bathrooms, again these will be unlocked on Sundays.
  • New security cameras will be installed as well.
Parent’s Day Out:
  • PDO will continue, it will just move down one room to the 1-4 grade rooms.
  • PDO volunteers are encouraged to participate in our CPR and First Aid trainings later this fall, but not required to do so.
  • Other than sharing with PDO, the older classrooms will not be affected, except for the 7-8 grade room.

Room closest to the parking-lot entrance at end of hallway (Grades 7-8 currently):

  • This room will be used as my office, but WILL REMAIN A SHARED SPACE.
  • I will lock up any secure files, etc. and ask that those who use it are respectful of my things, but it is still a multipurpose room. It will be unlocked on Sundays and when otherwise reserved as a meeting space.
  • I will re-locate the white-board to another wall since there will be a window in its current location.


  • We will add hand-washing directions to the bathrooms and children’s step-ladders to facilitate better hand washing.
Alive in Christ,
Jaime E. Schuldt