Saints Peter and Paul helps to carry Jesus’ love to the isolated northern Manitoba community of Tadoule Lake.  The Sayisi Dene are a Chipewyan, First Nation Aboriginal people who lack spiritual care from a resident pastor to consistently share and teach the love of Christ.

For several years we have traveled to the community to lead a five day Vacation Bible School with the children.  What a joy it is to see the familiar children grow and even see them working as employees at the community’s grocery store!

We know several of the adults by name, and many express their gratitude for coming to teach their children about Jesus.  This community, like many others, has difficulties with physical challenges, political tensions and spiritual uncertainty.

We have witnessed the joy that comes through Christ in this remote village.

Many thanks to the Dorcas ladies, Prayer Shawl ministry, Rachele Lambert, and Annikka Chrestensen as they lovingly crafted gifts for us to take into the community.


Please pray that God will:

*Make us bold in sharing with new people the Good News of Christ

*Establish long-term relationships

*Provide us encouragement and help as needed, especially with any unforeseen circumstances

*Reveal ways to serve the community

*Bring adults to the church for the evening activities, especially the sing-along/Bible study

*Bless the VBS program that runs from 1-3pm Sunday through Thursday

We don’t go alone to Tadoule, we take all of you with us—your words of encouragement and blessing, gifts for the community, prayers, and financial support!  And to be sure, you are all in our prayers as well as you live for Jesus right where you are!  We ALL are called to be missionaries!

May the gospel of Jesus Christ be proclaimed boldly!

May those who fear You rejoice when they see me, for I have put my hope in Your word.  Psalm 119:74

Jon, Maura, Benjamin, and Danelle Leinonen