How’s your reading going? We’re halfway through our Summer in the Psalms. My encouragement is, keep getting into the Psalms in some form each day.

This coming Sunday we will read a prophetic Psalm about the Messiah. It is Psalm 110. There are many Psalms that are fulfilled in the life of Jesus, and this one points us to the power of Jesus as King.

That is what it means to “sit at the right hand.” It means power.

How do you picture Jesus on your head? Is he soft and cuddly? Does he have long hair? Do his cheeks look like they have a little blush brushed on? Is he a mighty warrior? Is he a powerful king?

This Psalm certainly gives the picture of Jesus as one with power and strength. And he certainly is that way. For you.

Against Satan. Against sin. Against death. There is no greater power than that.

And it’s all for you.