Do you ever feel like you need to put on your happy face to come to church? For some reason, we think that we need to have it all together. This is just not true. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to tell people that the Church is not a place for well people.

The Church is more like a hospital for the sick than a country club for the comfortable. However, often we act like the latter is true.

Many people have developed a false attitude about the Church because many times we like to focus on the happy things. We like to focus on the joyous things. We’d rather not admit that this is a broken world. But it is.

This coming Sunday, we will read a “Lament Psalm” – Psalm 44. The Bible is filled with lots of laments, the Book of Lamentations being the greatest example.

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Lament Psalms are the most often occurring category of Psalms throughout the Psalter. There is good reason for this.

This is a broken world. We live broken lives. We are not well. We are sinners. Governments do not rule rightly. Our bodies are sick. It often feels like God has abandoned us. And we need to tell God about this. It is right for us to tell God about this. The Psalms do it over and over again.

We need to cry to God in our distress. We need his grace. We need his compassion. If we never acknowledge our struggles, we will never appreciate his love.


Alive in Christ!
Pastor Aaron