This coming Sunday is the Day of Pentecost. And…so what? If you’ve spent any time in the church throughout your life, I’m sure you’ve heard of this day. Perhaps you know of the image of “tongues of fire on top of people’s heads,” which as a child I found slightly weird, and slightly terrifying.

We hear on that day about the Holy Spirit being present and filling up the disciples.

At this point, the Holy Spirit takes the central stage and things change in the disciples’ lives.

But, we don’t seem to talk about the Holy Spirit a lot in church. We seem to have an easier time grasping God the Father as Creator, God the Son as Savior, but God the Holy Spirit…we have a difficult time with.

On Sunday we’ll unpack some of this, but for the time being, let me show you this video by the folks over at The Bible Project on story of The Holy Spirit throughout the Scriptures.