“How long, O, Lord?!” 

How long will I have to suffer this disease?

How long will I have to put up with this job?

How long will I have to deal with this broken relationship?

How long will my suffering last, O, Lord?!


It’s okay to pray to God like that. Because, how true it is.

There’s probably nothing we struggle with more as Christians than the reality of suffering in this world. As Christians, we rightly understand that suffering is a result of the brokenness in this world brought on by sin. We know the truth that Jesus has overcome all the issues which cause suffering. We know that Jesus will come back to make all things new and end all suffering. This is the Gospel message.

We know it. But, let’s be honest. Suffering is still hard.

It’s also the issue of suffering that causes many to have a difficult time with God. They wonder how an Almighty and all-loving God could allow such suffering.

They make a reasonable point.

But, we have to remember that we cannot look at suffering in a vacuum. All of this has to take into consideration the reality of Easter. Easter affects our suffering! Because our suffering is not our end. Jesus rose from the dead. We too will rise.

There is much much more to be said about suffering as Christians. And this will be the topic of my sermon on Sunday, May 6th. Check on our searchable sermon archive or download our app to watch/listen to it later.

In the meantime, if you want to read more on Christian suffering you can check out this or this. 


Alive in Christ!

Pastor Aaron