It’s been over a month since Concordia Student Ministries (CSM) and I returned from Houston, TX but there are some really amazing updates to share!

If you remember, part of the work that we did in Houston, was working to stop and disrupt sex trafficking and sexual exploitation.  We partnered up with Rescue Houston, a ministry that reaches out to women in ‘the life’ and offers them a way out.  We were able to call 119 women one morning and offer them hope.  To do this though, we used the same website platform that these women used to offer/sell their services.  But on April 11, the Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act (FOSTA) was passed and signed into law!  What this means is that the FBI and other enforcement agency can now go after websites and platforms that were being used for exploiting and trafficking people.  This was a huge victory! And I’m happy to share that the web platform that we used has now been shut down and seized by the FBI!

We also supported Elijah Rising, who not only was a huge part of getting FOSTA passed but works to get brothels shutdown and more.  Out of the 200 brothel complaints that we filed with the city of Houston,  I’m happy to share that two have been picked up by prosecutors!  That may seem marginal, but it is still progress in the fight to end sex slavery.

Please continue to pray for these ministries and all that they are doing!