Here’s a picture of my family. They are my greatest joy and responsibility in this life.


Easter Affects my family. It does. It absolutely does. I cannot fathom the kind of love that our Father has for us. In 1 John 3, John says, “Look what kind of love the Father has given us!” That English translation doesn’t quite do it justice. It’d more accurately say, “Just look at this kind of love!”

Martin Luther says, “what glorious, sublime love.” Another writer says, “To see it [God’s love] aright is to sink down in adoration before it. It is beyond all comprehension.”

We are God’s children and the way we experience his love is through the death and resurrection of Jesus.

This reality affects my family in very real ways. Just as we are God’s children because He says so, my wife is my wife. My children are my children. That is what they are. I want with all that I can to constantly demonstrate to them, through the way that I am, the kind of love our Father has for us.

I can’t even come close. But I try.

When Jesus appears and we are all like him (1 John 3:2), I want to be there with my family. Perfect. Pure. Righteous.

And until that day comes, I want my wife and my children, to experience through my love, the fullest expression of God’s love that they will get from anyone other than God himself.

This is one of the main ways that Easter Affects my family.

Does it affect yours?


Alive in Christ!

Pastor Aaron