Hello All,

It has been a while since I have given you all an update on the things going on in Community Outreach.

Lent Challenge 
I want to thank you all again for your generous support during the Lent Challenge. Over the course of Lent, we were able to collect over 2,000 food and hygiene items and $2,332 to support 31 Backpacks. You all went well beyond what I could have imagined for this challenge and I could not be more humbled by your generosity. I hope that you enjoyed this challenge as much as I did and will continue to support our community in ways that best meet the gifts that God has given you. Thank you all again!

Dorcas Society Updates

Past Meeting
We disbursed funds raised at last November’s Bazaar at our January 16th meeting.  At the February 20th meeting, we enjoyed hearing from Mike and Cathy Aten about their trip to South Africa in January 2017, when they went to visit their daughter, who was with the Peace Corps at the time. 

Upcoming Meeting
On April 17, we’ll ‘travel’ to Israel, as Michelle Treankler will tell us about their trip to Israel in January.  On May 15, we’ll cap off the 2017-18 season with a Bible Study. In September, we’ll start working on program ideas for the 2018-19 season, as well as sign up hostesses for the meetings.

Future Events

  • Annual Summer Dinner Outing: Tuesday, June 5, 6pm at the Freda Cliffs Bed & Breakfast.
    • The dinner will feature Clyde Durocher’s delicious baked chicken dinner, salad, potatoes, and his Chipper Desserts, for just $10. Anyone wishing to go there with us may just let Jean Pemberton or another Dorcas member know and we’ll add you to the list of attendees.  It’s a beautiful place, overlooking Lake Superior.
  • 72nd Annual Bazaar, Bake Sale, & Tea on Saturday: November 17, 12-3:00pm
  • 8th Annual Advent by Candlelight: Sunday, December 2, 6:30 p.m

We’d love to have more ladies come to our meetings.  They’re a great time of fellowship with our sisters in Christ, as well as doing His work at SS Peter & Paul and the community.