Wow! What an awesome week of Holy Week services. I absolutely love getting to lead people on the journey with Jesus from cross through grave.

It was a joy, also, to share with so many people who helped make Holy Week such a big success. From Judy, Don, and Marcus in the office, Barb on the organ, Dan and Mark decorating for Good Friday, the Leinonens, Huffs, CG and Kerri decorating for Easter to all the musicians on Easter morning (Andrew, Riley, Maddy, Chris, Courtney, Claire, Sarah, Anna, Noah, Evan, Kelli, Joe and John), the media booth volunteers, the ushers, greeters, elders, Altar Guild, and a HUGE thank you to Annikka Chrestensen and her team of volunteers for heading up this year’s Easter Breakfast. She put together a great team and they made a delicious breakfast for hundreds!! I know that I’m missing others by name, and there were many others who put their time into making everything work. Thank you all! Please know that your service is incredibly valued. I cherish that you all value a spirit of willingness to serve! It is my joy to serve alongside of you.

I’m looking forward to the upcoming 7 Week Sermon Series that I’ve titled “Easter Affects.” Easter Affects.jpg

Don’t worry. It’s not a spelling mistake. It’s not supposed to be “Easter Effects.”

Each week we will talk about how Easter Affects our lives. It affects our families, the way we work, and even the way we care for this creation. The reality of Easter is what “colors” our lives.

Jesus is alive. Because Christ is Alive, we are Alive in Christ!

Have a blessed week and I’ll see you Sunday!

Alive in Christ!

Pastor Aaron