Dear Members of Saints Peter and Paul,

On behalf of the Board of Directors, I want to reach out and provide an update on the board’s priorities and focus.  Under our constitution and bylaws, the board is formally responsible to the membership for the direction of the church, and we set the policy within which Pastor Aaron guides the day to day operations of the church.  We of the board agree that we need to communicate periodically with the church membership, conveying current and upcoming efforts.  This is a first attempt at a quarterly update to address those needs, and will be a bit lengthy as a result. 

In the fall, the board:

  • built upon the efforts of last year’s board, focusing on approval of the 2018 budget and closure of the 2017 budget year
  • drafted the church’s strategic plan
  • supported the call or hire process as needed for the SS Peter & Paul Lutheran Preschool project. 

In January and February, we:

  • began gathering of nominations for board members for the upcoming board year (to be selected at the May voter’s meeting)
  • continued to monitor/support the preschool project; and most importantly,
  • continued to advance a strategic plan for the church in cooperation with Pastor Aaron and the ministry council

Since Jaime Schuldt was not a rostered worker, we were able to authorize Pastor Aaron to hire her without holding an additional voter’s meeting.  With the project already approved by the voters’ assembly, we moved promptly to avoid further delays and hopefully facilitate a fall opening date for the school. 

In the coming months, we are working the following key priorities: 

  • a required annual audit of the 2017 books, which will be conducted internally to save funds and be reported upon at the May voter’s meeting
  • completion of the strategic plan in concert with the ministry council and lay leaders
  • completion of an annual pastoral performance evaluation for Pastor Aaron and lastly,
  • completion of a required church Emergency Preparedness plan, crafted by Pastor Gehrke’s team, but approved at board of directors level

We are also monitoring or supporting several projects in pastor’s purview, namely improving the acoustics of the multipurpose room and possibly improving elderly/handicapped parking this coming year.

The board wants the congregation to understand that the board’s works are developed in conjunction with Pastor Aaron and the Ministry Council, based upon church tradition and strategic plans, but with final responsibility resting solely with the board.  This is a relatively new approach for our church but we believe that approach is reflected in the current and future board actions described above.

In closing, we will address key details of many of these efforts at the May 13th voter’s meeting.  We of the board are always approachable on matters of policy and continue to refine the policy framework for the church.  On matters that are more clearly tied to daily operations, we will provide input to Pastor Aaron while preserving his latitude to make those decisions.  Thanks for reading, it is an honor for us to serve the Lord and Church in this role.

For the board, and in Christ,
Jim Spence