We’re halfway through the season of Lent. Did you officially give anything up during this season of Lent? How are you doing?

Have you ever given your blood at a blood drive? What’s the point of doing that? In order to have your blood be put into someone else who needs your blood. I know some of you have also been the receiving end of needing to accept blood from someone else.

Blood is life. You cannot be alive without it. At tonight’s Wednesday Lent service, we will be looking at this topic of Blood. We talk about Jesus’ blood all the time. But…why?

Either come tonight, or check back on this page to see/listen to the message later.

Ephesians 1:7

Then, Sunday the 11th we will continue our theme “I Give Up” by this week talking about Control.

We don’t like to be out of control. Most of the time it’s not good to be out of control. My daughter Hazel took downhill ski lessons this year at Mont Ripley. She did awesome! But, the biggest lesson the instructors teach is to be in control. You need to stay in control when you’re skiing. If you’re in control, then you can do anything you want and you’ll be safe.

The same is true when you’re driving a car, or pretty much doing anything. Stay in control!

So – what do we mean when we say, “I Give Up Control”?

Each of us often go above and beyond keeping ourselves in control and we try to control things that are uncontrollable. We try to control other people. We try to control situations.

There are limits on our control. And when we go too far we start to kick God out of his authority.

Come on Sunday and we’ll work on sorting all this out together!