On August 25, 2017, Hurricane Harvey hit Texas causing an estimate $125 billion, with a B, dollars in damage, destroying homes, displacing families and taking people’s lives.  That seems like forever ago but that is just 6 months ago!!  And as you can imagine, there is still a need for help and assistance.

That is why our college ministry, Concordia Student Ministries (CSM), has partnered up with Glocal Mission in Houston, TX to help support their local ministry and the diverse community around them.


We are super excited!  It will be a great week of serving with our hands, lives, relationships and presence.  Please keep the 8 students and myself in you prayer this coming Saturday as we seek to serve, grow in our faith, build as a community, and be stretch.

And make sure to be in church on Sunday, March 18th, for multiple reasons, but also to hear and see a quick recap of our time in Houston.