Headshot 2017My name is Jaime Schuldt, and I’m so excited to introduce myself as the preschool director at Saints Peter and Paul Lutheran Church. What a privilege to be a part of this adventure. I am thrilled to be expanding the church’s ministries and helping to fill a community need.

I grew up in Forest Lake, Minnesota, and I attended Northern Michigan University where I received a Bachelor’s degree in Spanish and International Studies. I’ve since worked as a volunteer center coordinator, a middle and high school teacher, and – for the last year – as a stay-at-home mom. I received my post-baccalaureate certification in secondary education and am currently pursuing my master’s degree in early childhood education.

I’ve worked in youth programming for over ten years; sat on the board of a youth and family center; and volunteered with multiple after-school programs, including an anti-recidivism program for juvenile offenders. Throughout each of my positions, I have appreciated the difference a strong moral foundation makes in a student. The sooner we can reach students with God’s love, the easier it is to convince them of their worth and to raise them as resilient, independent believers. These students push themselves academically, and support their peers socially. It is with great joy that I am committed to being an example of God’s love to my young students.

I have been a member here at Saints Peter and Paul since 2011, when I married my wonderful husband, Christopher. We moved to Arizona six years ago, but remained active members and looked forward to the day we would return to the Upper Peninsula. Some of you may only know me as Andi and Glenn’s daughter-in-law, or recognize me from the praise team over the years, but I hope to know each of you more deeply very soon. I am so happy to be back home with all of you.

We welcomed our daughter to this world in December of 2016. Her name is Iris and she loves anything musical as well as trying new foods; she’s just like her mama in those ways. As a family, we love to play inside and out, and to travel to visit more family and friends. We look forward to raising her within the church family at Saints Peter and Paul. Iris enjoys worshipping with us at the contemporary (early) service, so feel free to wave hello or stop by and meet her afterward.

Alive in Christ!