Is Lent a time to give up or to give? As we dig into this question we are issuing a challenge to the congregation to support a local organization, 31 Backpacks, through a weekly challenges ending with one final challenge. 31 Backpacks is a local organization that works to prevent food insecurity for children in four local counties. Every Friday, 31 Backpacks sends home a backpack full of food and hygiene products to students identified by school administrators as being in need. Currently, 31 Backpacks is serving 190 kids in the Copper Country.31backpacks.jpg

The challenge we are issuing to you is the following: collect as many items from the provided list each week with the challenge being that in the proceeding weeks more items are collected than the previous week. Our goal is to donate as many items as possible to 31 Backpacks to offset the growing need. I will post a video each week with the totals items collected that week. We want this to be a fun and exciting challenge for all of you, while we help our community in need and learn more about the sacrifice of Jesus. I hope that you are as excited for this challenge as I am! Below you will find the list of items needed. We will kick off the challenge this coming Sunday, February 18, and continue through the last Sunday of Lent. There will be one final Lent challenge, which will be disclosed later, so stay tuned.

Hygiene Needs
Body Wash
Dental floss
Feminine products
Food Items
Individual one serving boxes of cereal (they come with 8 to 10 per pack)
Flavored instant oatmeal
Granola bars
Cheese/cracker snacks
Chef Boyardee individual microwavable cups
Mac & Cheese individual microwave cups
Cups of fruit/pudding
Many Blessings
Kerri Mayra