True or False? The story of Jonah really happened.

True or False? Nineveh is a real place.

True or False? Jesus connected his death and resurrection to the story of Jonah.

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The story of Jonah is one of those well-known Bible stories. Well, at least parts of it are. People in general know the story of a guy named Jonah being inside the belly of a “whale” for 3 days.

But…why was he in the belly of the whale? How did he get there? Did he get out? Where did he go? And, on top of that…is this even possible?

We’re going to spend the next 5 weeks walking through the book of Jonah. Jonah is only 4 chapters long. So, this coming Sunday we’ll set the context for the book, and then starting on the 21st, we’ll be covering chapter 1.

Jonah is actually an easy read. If you haven’t read it before, open your Bible, and you could read the whole thing in likely less than 15 minutes. I’d encourage you over the next 5 weeks to read this story multiple times.

What we are going to see in this story is that God is a God of relentless love. His love is deep and wide and beyond what we would expect. He goes to extraordinary lengths to save people, to save cities, and to save the whole creation.

As we go through this series, I’m asking for artists to submit artwork to tell this story of Jonah. There are so many good images! Take a look at this post for all the details.

I pray that you’ll join us during this sermon series. If you get behind, you can keep up to date with sermons at or download our church app from the app store.


Alive in Christ!

Pastor Aaron